Eco-Friendly Landscapers Westchester County, NYC, The Bronx, & Greenwich

Recycled Landscape Debris

  • Leaves, grass clippings and any organic waste are removed to commercial composting facilities to be used back in the environment and landscapes.
  • Wood waste (branches, logs, stumps and trimmings) is removed to commercial sites that grind the wood into reusable hardwood mulch
  • Plastic plant containers returned to nurseries and growers to be used again.

Integrated Pest Management

Recommended by Cornell Cooperative Extension and utilized to minimize the amount of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers used on properties.

Organic Lawn & Shrub Applications


A technique of creating a landscape that can survive under harsh conditions with little or no maintenance and water.

Ecosystem Ponds & Waterfalls

They can sustain themselves though the creation of a balanced ecosystem.

Drip Irrigation Systems

These reduce the amount of water used to keep plants healthy.

Efficient Low Voltage Landscape Lighting & New LED Lighting

These greatly reduce electricity usage without sacrificing quality.

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We Care About Our Ecological Footprint & Do What We Can to Improve It